Monday, April 30, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day!

We have had great weather here lately, which hasn't even been dampened by the fact that we both have colds.
In the past few weeks, a major stressor at work has been removed and we have been making big steps towards officially trying to conceive. In short- things are good!

All of the paperwork is in, as well as the big payment. Now, all we have to do is monitor and pay per try.
I was even able to get a look at my folicles on Friday, and the Clomid they had me on to offset the sperm (which will be slower since it was frozen) did it's job- because 4 were quite big! (But please, no quadruplets, mkay?). Today is our appointment, about an hour and a half away, and we are trying to remain cautiously hopeful- which can be hard since I have been taking 3 OPKs a day to know exactly when my LH starts. Before driving back, I will be propping myself up somewhere for at least 30 min. At least it will be a little comical, lol.

It is hard to get my head from rotating around this one thought and gathering all of the information that I can find about it- and be gentle with myself. We have to start somewhere, and the odds are decent. So, we will see.
Looking forward to the appointment and hoping that the waiting until I am able to take a pregnancy test won't kill me.

Good think I am getting certified in HR soon, and can concentrate on studying for the test. It is also quite handy that the first try is the day before a holiday, so I took today off rather than getting a sick note from the doctor- which is always a little easier, and no one suspects a thing.

Keep your fingers crossed, and your thumbs pressed!

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