Monday, April 30, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day!

We have had great weather here lately, which hasn't even been dampened by the fact that we both have colds.
In the past few weeks, a major stressor at work has been removed and we have been making big steps towards officially trying to conceive. In short- things are good!

All of the paperwork is in, as well as the big payment. Now, all we have to do is monitor and pay per try.
I was even able to get a look at my folicles on Friday, and the Clomid they had me on to offset the sperm (which will be slower since it was frozen) did it's job- because 4 were quite big! (But please, no quadruplets, mkay?). Today is our appointment, about an hour and a half away, and we are trying to remain cautiously hopeful- which can be hard since I have been taking 3 OPKs a day to know exactly when my LH starts. Before driving back, I will be propping myself up somewhere for at least 30 min. At least it will be a little comical, lol.

It is hard to get my head from rotating around this one thought and gathering all of the information that I can find about it- and be gentle with myself. We have to start somewhere, and the odds are decent. So, we will see.
Looking forward to the appointment and hoping that the waiting until I am able to take a pregnancy test won't kill me.

Good think I am getting certified in HR soon, and can concentrate on studying for the test. It is also quite handy that the first try is the day before a holiday, so I took today off rather than getting a sick note from the doctor- which is always a little easier, and no one suspects a thing.

Keep your fingers crossed, and your thumbs pressed!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby Steps

After careful consideration, Broom and I have decided to throw over-cautiousness to the wind and go ahead and start the steps towards trying to conceive.

So, we have been trying to get a notary to notarize our contract with the sperm bank that we will be using- which has turned out to be a tick more complicated than we had anticipated. The one I picked out of google flipped the hell out and said parts of it were not kosher. However, after some legal consul, we realize that he was just overreacting. But, we are still left with the problem of finding a notary who will do it- which probably means going to the one the sperm bank recommended to us, which is about an hour and a half away.

However, after we do that, and hand them over some cash, we are OK to start!
It is kind of scary and relieving at the same time, to finally be working towards our goal of a family.
With all of the uncertainty we have both had professionally lately, it is nice to know that we at least have the control in this aspect of our lives.

Here is to sending positive vibes to my ovaries!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Having been brought up Catholic, Easter used to be a pretty Big Deal.

Now, I am not sure what I believe, exactly, and I think that is just foin by me, there is no rush to put limits on the framework of beliefs I have. I no longer have a need to "pin it down" and find real solace in Biodanza and the connection I have with those in my group.

Good thing I was able to eat some Kinder Eggs yesterday, because I woke up this morning with that yucky rumble that means you need to worship the porcelean Gods- and quick!
Needless to say, I've been under the weather since and trying to get used to food again slowly!

Luckily, Broom has been helpful with tea and other snacks to test the "waters" of my empty stomach.

But, hey, at least my day isn't going as badly as this cameraman's is!

At least I only ruined my own Easter (and maybe Broom's) by being sick, right?

I can only imagine that he had to throw away his shoes afterwards... Too bad bunny body guards don't exist...

Happy Easter, Everyone!