Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I AM Miss Culinaria 2011!

I hate to brag (being a leo and all), but I tried out a recipe a few weeks ago for the first time.
(Getting this in shortly after 2011 ended counts, right?)

It started off with me worrying about whether or not the dough was raising too much.
So puffy!
But the rolls formed nicely.

And turned out like this!
 But it totally worked out! (As you can see above.) Although Broom and I didn't like it as much as everyone else, as they were calling out which recipe won which place, I was utterly shocked to be number 1. I got a perdy sash and a trophy that I can keep for the year and bring back, filled with goodies (and my name written upon it) to the next lesbo brunch competition in 1 year. It felt good.

And I have this lovely blog to thank. When I read it I always want to cook or bake.
(And always makes me salivate!) And I've made this so much that my friends call it crack dip.

How I love it so.

Christmas PTSD

So, my broom has this awesome habit that started last year.

She likes to scream HAPPY NEW YEAR at pretty much any time you are not expecting it, making you jump out of your skin, since she screams IN YOUR FACE.

In honor of Christmas, this lovely habit has expanded.

*Fade in to scene: us sleeping, 4 am on the 24th* (It is debatable if that really counts as Christmas, but since that is when you open gifts here, we will agree to disagree.)

Me: "Zzzzzzzzz" (obvs. sleeping)

Broom: MERRY CHRISTMAS! (In my *ucking face, obvs. lost her damn mind.)

*Fade into today*

Plotting revenge, while looking like this:

Feel free to send suggestions!