Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to Advertise an Anonymous Blog?

I have been "toying" with this topic for awhile now.

Seeing as how I would love to live off of my writing one day, deciding that with blog entry number 11 miiiight be a little early.

That, and I am contractually obliged to get any job that I do outside of work that is somewhat official approved by my boss. Germany is no joke on that one- so if one day I was SO incredibly cool that people wanted to sponsor my shit, I'd have to get a piece 'o paper signed first.

Oh, the documentation!

All of that aside- how do you promote yourself and your writing without people catching on that it is "you"? You can't exactly post it on your own Facebook wall in the hope that no one draws any parallels.

None of that "A friend of mine wants to know if you can get pregnant by X and was too afraid to ask. It isn't me, it is for a friend" crap.
(Everyone knows it is really for you, and you should be doing what all the other teenagers are doing and just google that shit anyway!)

Not really like Superman glasses- is it?

So, anonymous world- what do you do?

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