Monday, December 31, 2012

My first experience with a natural healer

On Friday, I went to see a natural healer for the first time.
They are quite prevalent in Germany, and since I have started Biodanza, I have opened myself up to more natural ways of healing, eating, and a way of life in general (which the books I have recently purchased on organic pregnancy and homeopathy can confirm).*
I selected the healer based on proximity to our apartment, how I liked the website, and what treatments they offer.

As expected, the initial visit concentrated on getting to know one another. I let him know right away that I am in a same-sex marriage and that we are trying to conceive, and that I most likely have too much stress at work. He was very open and asked a lot of questions, and he read my eyes. (Iridology is new to me, and I have a lymphatic constitution, which for the most part, makes sense to me.)
Based on that, he could confirm my thyroid problem, and also let me know that I have weak ovaries and a weak spleen. The course of treatment is an anthrophosophical medicine that I am to take 4x a day to strengthen my nerves against stress and exhaustion.

Based on how the insemination goes next week (if we don't miss ovulation based on the holidays...and I am fibbing about using a shot again....just would rather not piss off the flippant doctor), we will see if we do anthrophosophic shots to strengthen my ovaries and my spleen. Also, he suggested ear acupuncture to reduce stress (which you can only do if you are not pregnant). What I find most interesting, is that he was really interested in my cycle charts, whereas the fertility "specialists" don't care at all about all of this wondrous data, electing instead to scare me into taking unnatural fertility drugs that leave me feeling out of touch with my body.

So, we will see how it goes next week, I have an appointment to get my follicles measured on the 2nd and expect, if our timing is ok, to have to go for the insemination on the 3rd or the 4th. Hopefully my body will pull through and react to the relaxing pills and other natural substances I am using to try and encourage this to work.

* This is in no way a sponsored post, I just thought you might like to know what I am reading...

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Ahh, the holidays!
They can be especially hard in the years that I can't make it home for Christmas, but this year was OK, all things considered. We kept things pretty low-key, and only spent the 24th with family (well, Broom's mom, but that was enough). Since it started off with comments from her that can lead one to run away screaming, we started drinking wine relatively early. That seemed to help, and the evening was even fun, playing monopoly, and me explaining to my somewhat homophobic mother in law all about all of the steps one has to go through in Germany to become pregnant as two women in a civil union.

It was rather interesting, to say the least, and in her subdued state, she couldn't change the subject (or I didn't let her, I don't really remember, come to think of it...).

The next morning was a little rough, which was only magnified by the fact that I caught Broom's cold and had a fever for about a day and a half. I am still carrying it around with me, now without fever. With any luck, I will be done with my coughing and stuffy nose, etc. by New Year's Eve.

For that ever-so-fateful evening (ha), we will be spending the night with 11 other women, 2 of whom we know quite well, and the rest are either acquaintances or strangers, and we are really looking forward to a quiet night with good food and good people.

Enjoy the holidays, Blogosphere!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter Wonderland

I came back from a wonderfully relaxing trip seeing my family to a cloud of snow, draped across the German countryside. I was so jet lagged at first, that when we finally did break the cloud cover to land at the bigger airport (before I flew on to my final destination), I thought there was something wrong with the clouds! That is what 4 flights in one "day" will do to you....

Amazingly, I didn't do much on my vacation, but I did soak up time with my family, doing homework with my nieces and being together with my 3 siblings (this was the first time we had all been together since 2009). One of my nieces in the 4th grade had to write someone a letter, and I convinces her to write me one. She asked me to come over to her house after her lice was gone! Luckily, I got a picture in before my sister had her change it. Funny moments like that are those that I really miss. But I am glad that I could really be "there" if that makes sense.

Also prevalent in my visit was explaining to my family how little rights we have, since a majority of them were heavily upset that Obama won. Now, "to each their own" and shit, but my argument to that- especially to my family is:

"Don't you ever want me to be able to live here again? With my wife?"

For many of them, that was enough to finally realize what DOMA truly takes away from me and them (since they say that I don't make it home often enough). Others countered with "Aren't you happy in Germany?"
Where I wanted to scream: SOOOO not the point here, people!!!

It can be hard when those I love don't understand what these laws mean; even though to be fair, I think most of them do not want to take away my rights when they voted for the opposition. However, it can be really trying not to take it personally. This is my life, and they voted to take away my rights- the rights of their daughter, sister, aunt, and cousin.

I can only hope, that in a few years, that they realize how important gay rights are. Generally, I really don't care who they vote for, since they love me the way I am, (although I think if we all supported one another more, our society would be a better one), but on this issue I only have the option to take it personally. I am a one issue voter here, and maybe through my explanations some of my family members will be too.

This issue is my life.