Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lesbian Street Cred

As a femme, people often assume that I know nothing about the world of Gaymos.

It's as if lipstick = so straight you don't know how to really be gay.

It really isn't that mysterious...

Whouda thunk?

And here I was thinking that us "outsiders" could stick together and be accepting- seeing as many societies automatically exclude us for munching carpet. (Don't get me started on how the lesbian community treats bisexuals!)

That is why I avoid trumping the conversation unless I deem it absolutely necessary (either to get someone to shut up or to pull a little "I told you!!!" action).

You see- I grew up around SO many gays, it can be mind-boggling. I am one of those queers that was lucky enough to grow up in a queer household.
I have 4 loving parents, 3 of whom are women. It is quite wonderful and rainbow-y.

I was like, born in gay socks!

And as a family, we have approximately the same proportion of normalcy and fucked upedness as any other family. I like to think of our acceptance of others as the place we really differ.

Who else can say to their mom on a long distance call from Germany during a study abroad term "Mom, Broom and I are together." and get the answer "I knew it! But hey, I'm fishing, I will call you later. I soo knew it!"

Or the email that prompted me to come out from a REALLY Catholic brother "Yeah, so, we were taking bets about whether or not you and Broom are together or not- so is there something going on there?"

It doesn't get much gayer than that, now does it?!?

I should get a lifetime membership from some place for this...