Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Because Moving Makes You Concentrate on What is REALLY Important

...don't you LOVE it that moving makes you sit in front of stuff you didn't know you even had and debate whether or not you need two squeegies?

I could have taken a picture, but I packed the one I picked (the pretty one, if you are wondering- OH, the excitement!).

On a related note, how shitty was my week for me to stand in front of two squeegies and not feel qualified to answer that question by myself?!?

And everyone knows you only need one squeegie to be as happy as this guy!!

That is a shitty week, you might say!

Speaking of moving, I am a wee bit perplexed about the translation on the boxes. This would be really funny if I could find said box in question- but I looked here and here - but I really think it is in the closet 'o boxes...

And I of course have packed my camera...

So, long story short- they translated some rooms in German as PEOPLE!
Obviously, a picture isn't even necessary to relate the funny!!

So, since we move on next Saturday, and work is kicking my ass, please excuse a possible blogging respite as I look for shit I packed too early, mkay?

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