Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby Steps

After careful consideration, Broom and I have decided to throw over-cautiousness to the wind and go ahead and start the steps towards trying to conceive.

So, we have been trying to get a notary to notarize our contract with the sperm bank that we will be using- which has turned out to be a tick more complicated than we had anticipated. The one I picked out of google flipped the hell out and said parts of it were not kosher. However, after some legal consul, we realize that he was just overreacting. But, we are still left with the problem of finding a notary who will do it- which probably means going to the one the sperm bank recommended to us, which is about an hour and a half away.

However, after we do that, and hand them over some cash, we are OK to start!
It is kind of scary and relieving at the same time, to finally be working towards our goal of a family.
With all of the uncertainty we have both had professionally lately, it is nice to know that we at least have the control in this aspect of our lives.

Here is to sending positive vibes to my ovaries!

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