Sunday, May 6, 2012

All the Waiting... driving me CRAZY!

Our 1st try went much different than expected, largely because the doctor was a douchecanoe.

Admittedly, we were a bit late, but we had warned them that this might be the case due to the drive and all of the construction sites along the way. The reassured us that they would not be thawing the sperm until we arrived.

Once we got there, they gave the order to thaw it and then the doc came by to say that he had to go do something real quick (not really off to a great start here, since once it is thawed, you need to use it right away).

After 20 minutes, he was back, and had us in his office. He then proceeded to ask the nurse about why we didn't have any blood work (I forgot this part, but was trying to tell him myself- and anyway, we wanted to see if mostly nature and good timing would work on the first try) and to go on about how we needed shots to trigger ovulation. I was just irritated that he didn't speak directly to us! Even though we explained to him that our normal dr. (who had that day off) had accepted our decision to only use the Clomid, he did make a striking argument.

He then proceeded to go on about how it could be possible that I won't ovulate at all and that we even need to make sure that I hadn't already. I tried to explain to him that I am charting and using ovulation tests, but he seemed so...hurried. We even received our bill beforehand!

So, he then ushered us into the examination room, where he waited impatiently for me to get undressed. Once on the table, he did a really quick look on one side to make sure that my follicles were still there. Two still were, and he neither checked the other side nor measured them. Then, he proceeded to do something down there (I was tilted, so I couldn't tell what he was doing, and Broom stood at the other end in shock, but at least I could see her- which helped despite the fact that she looked horrified). He explained nothing, and was very rough. After maybe 10 seconds, he un-tilted the chair and handed me a paper towel and told me to get dressed. The whole thing, including him asking the nurse the questions, lasted MAX 5 minutes.

We were both in shock.

Broom asked "Was that it, with the sperm?". He simply replied with a yes, and went back to the other room. They could tell from our patient ID that this was our first try, and he didn't explain a thing, nor did he ask if we wanted to do it ourselves! Since this is what we agreed upon with our normal doc, we expected this to be the case- and I thought that he was putting in a tube so that we could do it.

We were then ushered back into his office, given our prescription for the shot to cause ovulation, and go back to the waiting room. There we had to ask about an item on the bill which wasn't explained, since they needed to take blood.

Still in shock, I laid my legs on Broom's lap while we waited for the shot to be delivered, since we know this helps. After the shot and the blood work, we had me lay down on another bench outside to relax and help the swimmers up before we had the long drive back home.

Now, we are pretty sure the shot did its job and that I ovulated that night, and I keep telling myself that this doesn't matter too much as long as it worked. This baby we are trying to make is still made out of love, despite the clinical setting, and us helping nature along.

All The Waiting has begun. Only 6-9 more days until we can trust a pregnancy test. It has been emotionally draining and I have been really clingy, but, I am trying to stay cautiously positive.

Send my uterus good vibes, mkay?

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