Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Fun with Waiting

I have tried to make things revolve less around the whole baby making stuff, and it works, but only off and on.

Today I had my follicles measured, so I am waiting to hear from the dr that does the insem about when I should come in. I am thinking it will probably be Saturday, but we will see.

Through meditation and trusting in my body, I hope to make the process easier on us and myself, but we will see what Mother Nature has in mind.

Another random German holiday on Monday, which means we will be able to relax, which is really nice. May has been really good for those, but I am thinking that since I had to leave earlier today for my dr and tax (ugh) appointment, that I will need to stay later tomorrow. But it is hard to be motivated to do relatively unimportant (at least to me, with consideration of what we are trying to do here) tasks while all my head will do is think about whether or not this is going to work this time and what I can do to help it along.

Here is to hoping that the dr calls before I have to go get my taxes done and that I get more money back than last year! :)

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