Friday, January 25, 2013


Well, it turns out that hormones really are a bitch, aren't they? This hormone-roller coaster that started with my thyroid problems just doesn't want to stop.

Someone, please tell me, where is the emergency brake?

Did some analysis of my chart data (who doesn't have oodles of data about their menstrual cycle?!?)and realized that since I took Clomid for the first time in April, that my period length shortened dramatically and has never gone back to what used to be "normal" for me. Even though, according to my last blood work, my thyroid was fine, I still worry that it could sneak back away from me, and I will have an under function again, which would most likely render me infertile. I am debating if I should ask the doctor for a monthly check to make sure the inseminations aren't a waste of money.

If that wasn't enough, as ordered by the fertility doc last time, my gyn took blood on my 14th cycle day and the results were not positive. My progesterone, LH, and Estradiol were all low. I am torn about whether or not I should even tell the fertility center about it, as they seem to really not give a shit about me as a person, nor my plans (as documented by them not being able to remember shit about us or telling us about vacation plans). I worry, that if they knew, they would just prescribe a bunch more drugs that would fuck up my system yet again. But, I also want the best care possible.

I just got back from the natural healer, though, and we will be doing shots to regulate my ovaries and drops to regulate the parts of my brain responsible for hormone production. Maybe I will give the results to the fertility center next time we are there? I don't feel like I owe them anything since they don't even have the respect to tell me about their vacation planning (I asked, twice, if they could please let me know about any potential other times where an insemination wouldn't be possible for us- no answer!).

The sad thing is that I have no idea if this is the best way to get me on the right track to conceiving or not, or if fertility testing is in order or not. (If I remember correctly, we didn't do a row of tests that the fertility center wanted us to do because they never really checked to see, and we didn't want to go broke on checking things out beforehand...)

What I do know is that I don't feel like things have been right in my body since I was on those fertility drugs, and that the only ones that really make sense to me are the trigger shots and the progesterone. The rest just feels like it has made me off center.

This feels right, and like I'd be moving along with my body and its natural rhythms, not against it. I just hope I'm right on this.

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