Saturday, January 12, 2013

One Week Post Insem

Surprisingly, time has gone by pretty quickly since my insem last week.
Broom had to work, so I woke up at 5 (she got up with me to make me breakfast and pack me a lunch, I have it good :))
The almost two hour drive went well, although it was quite rainy and still really dark out. I drank fertility tea and sang along to CDs I had packed to listen to.
I arrived at the clinic 10 minutes before they told me to show up (since it takes 20-30 minutes to defrost the sperm). Finally, I after waiting an hour, I found out which doctor would be doing the procedure, and luckily, it was the really nice female doctor.

As usual, the whole thing was over in a few minutes, but she let me stay tilted in the chair for 10 minutes afterwards, covering me up with a paper sheet. She confirmed that my stats looked great, and I could really get pregnant any time now. She also didn't seem to mind that I told her that I don't do the post-insem hCG shots, since I find them too invasive. I explained that I wanted to try natural progesterone cream (which I bought while in the US), and she was really positive about it. I got blood drawn again (the 2nd nurse in a week to go for the "small vein", which should have been my cue to say oh, please look for the invisible big one, but I didn't, and both of my arms were then quite bruised).

I rested in the car with my legs up and ate my sandwich before driving back, which was equally rainy, but luckily uneventful. My nap after I got home was glorious!

Since then, work has been really busy, although I have been dealing better with all of the stress from both trying to get pregnant and work than I have in past cycles. I have managed to meditate pretty regularly and treated myself to a wonderful shiatsu massage, which was extremely relaxing.

Now, I continue to make sure to eat fertility foods, drink my fertility tea, and use my natural progesterone cream. The further along I get in my cycle, the more I want to test, but I think I will manage to wait until Thursday or Friday, and Friday would mark my 30th cycle day, which would be the max my cycle has ever been, so we will see.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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