Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Customer Service

I don't usually blog in anger- but I am going to make an exception this time. Also, I'm going to let my "potty mouth" flag fly.

Fuck this customer service!!

We are (highly) paying customers, who, without complaint, pay €170 WITHOUT TAX for a Dr. (we have only had the same one twice, and our actual own doctor once, in four tries), to spend a TOTAL of 5 minutes with us (including the time it takes me to take my pants off), and put a catheter into my uterus.  I have to bat my eyelashes to get them to let me stay tilted in the chair for 10 minutes, and any ultrasounds, fertility drugs, and bloodwork all cost extra. And of course, that does not include the sperm, the shipping and handling (within the same damn city) for the sperm, nor transportation costs for us to get there.

And now 2 of the 3 (I think there is a total of 8 or so) are on fucking winter vacation and apparently none of the others can do it, and we are forced to take a break for the next cycle.

I am speechless. You'd think with how they prescribe fertility drugs like candy that they would be grappling for cash. At the least, I would expect them to tell us that this was coming up?!? I had already booked my appointment with my gyno, and this seems just like basic service to me, especially if we are paying for everything out of pocket.

If they had told us this in advance, it wouldn't be such a slap in the face- but after the let down of not being pregnant again and mentally gearing up to do another try, I am just completely pissed.

I really wish that we could switch clinics, but we are bound to them with the contract we signed with the sperm bank.

Nevertheless, I am going to use this unplanned "down time" with my natural healer to get my system working more smoothly. Hopefully, we will have our "take-home baby" soon, and then we can find a new clinic when we are ready for another child.

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