Monday, January 30, 2012

How Many Homos Does it Take to Jump a Car Battery?

On Thursday, I went out to my car to start it and go to work.

The night before, I went to my first-ever Biodanza course. I have to say, it was a lot more hippie than I had been expecting. However, it is the closest that I have felt to people I have just met since I was in a youth group. It was nice to connect to these people in many ways, and to be able to dance and not have a care in the world. I felt accepted as I am and it was lovely.

Since the dancing went past my normal bedtime (11pm, lame!), I slept in a little bit.

I started the car, cleared off the winshield, and got in. After I put it in drive, the car started acting up and the radio kept turning on and off and the power steering wouldn't work. I turned off the car to turn it back on again to see if the problems went away, but the battery was dead. (But at least I had scraped off the windshield!)

After getting one colleague to take me to work, and another- who is also queer, to take me home, he and I proceeded to try and jump the car battery.

But- to no avail. We couldn't even get it hooked up properly and stood there like giggling schoolgirls. Whouda thunk that us two homos couldn't figure it out??