Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Ode to my Auto

Dear Auto,

I still have faith in you.

You are my fanciest car by far, and it is great that Broom and I are financing you (even though she can't yet drive). In about a year and a half, you will truly be ours!

That being said, WTF, mate?

First, slippery salesman fails to mention that you need a new transmission. But we get an appointment quickly to get this done. However, the first one is broken, and the second one spends more time on its way from Italy than planned (I am convinced it took a vacation on the way), so the mechanics had the car for a total of 2 months.

About a month afterwards, my mechanic discovers a bunch of rust they covered up with paint. Then the check engine light comes on, which two other mechanics delete since they can't figure out why you are on.

Then the battery dies.
And someone else deletes the light.
And the check engine light comes on again before I've even left the parking lot with my new battery.

Valve replaced, light gone!

Five days later, when the artic front here keeps the temperature at around 7 F or -11 C, you don't start.

And the ADAC's lines were busy for four hours last night. So, I am waiting on a ride to work and debating when to try and get you fixed and WTF is wrong?!? You can tell me, I have faith in you!!!

So, get better soon, mkay?
I'd love to be able to rely on you more and even expand our bonding and give you an Auto name (I was thinking Roma, but I haven't checked with Broom yet- and this is a big decision!), but I really need you to pull through for us.

Quatsch & Broom

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