Monday, February 27, 2012

6 Years and 4 days ago...

....I walked out of a train and met up with the tutor that had been assigned to me during my study abroad period. We had been writing one another and I was sure to bother her about what dorm I was assigned to pretty much every day.

I still have that first email.

"my name is Broom and I am a student at the university of X". Where she went on to explain that she would be responsible for me while I was there- to show me how things worked there, etc.

Little did we know, that we would fall in love (I know what you are thinking, I was the initiator, though- Broom was clueless to my crush.).

Years later I found out that I wasn't the 1st choice for the scholarship that brought me to that German university town- the first place winner declined and Broom was assigned to take care of me after requesting someone she could practice her English with.

The rest, you could say, is history!

Here is to many more annaversaries of the day we met and many more wedding annaversaries too!!

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