Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sounds Simple Lesson Number 1: Things You Should Water vs. Things You Should NOT Water

Increasingly, I find myself asking "Do people not think anymore?". To a certain extent, I think this is true- people get everything "pre-chewed" for them, and no longer bother to read directions or think before they act.

Unfortunately, I sometimes fall into these categories myself, as we are all wont to do from time to time.

Since this is a recurring theme in my life (observing myself and others as we f* up simple tasks), I think a series is in order, no?

****Scene fades in to a darkly lit apartment, light flooding only the living room but not the kitchen from the hallway light******

I walk in, take a vitamin before bed and put the glass on the counter.
On my way past the kitchen table, I decide to pick my purse up off the floor and put it on the table.

****Scene fades in to the next morning, same kitchen******

I walk in, take my morning pill (I swear I just don't pop pills, it just sounds that way!) and decide to move my purse from the table.
In doing so, I realize that my purse-moving action has spilled a glass of water over my laptop- and it has been sitting there FOR EIGHT HOURS (I get the recommended amount of sleep- so what?).

As a result, the u and the space bar do not work, and it crashes a few times, but works fine later, returning to full functionality- except for the space bar. (Thank you, Lenovo!)

That is 100% something you should NOT water.

****Scene fades in to my broom and I in our Citroen Saxo, driving to a swimming hole in BFE Germany on a hot, late-summer day.****

Me: "Hmm...that light for the temperature keeps going on and off- that is not good."

Broom: "Do you think we should stop and put in some water?"

Me: "No, it needs to cool off for awhile first anyways, we will be able to make it."

After reaching said swimming hole, we discovered that it was closing early for a private party, after which we waited, added water, and drove to the next possible chance for cooling off. (No air conditioning in the car nor our apartment.)
To add insult to injury, the next possible place for swimming closed within a half an hour of when we arrived, so, it made no sense to try and swim.
The light went off for awhile, but kept going off and on. *blink*blink**Redlightofdeath*

****Scene faces to me carpooling to work with a friend the Monday after all of the *blinky*blinky******

Me: "Oh, the light came back on, that's not good."

Coworker: "Do you think we should stop and add more water?"

Me: "No, it did this on the weekend, I want to take it to the shop today, but we should make it since I drove like this for a long time on Friday."

Coworker: "You should have told me, I could have driven."

Light stops blinking and stays on in defiance- no more *blinky*blinky* now just a *REDLIGHTOFDEATH*.
Another light comes on.

Coworker: "I just looked in your book for the car, that one means engine problems- visit a mechanic as soon as possible."

Car shudders and shakes and starts to slow before I realize the engine has cut off.

Coworker: "Are you pulling over?"

Me: "Not voluntarily."

Car smokes, we get out, wait for tow truck.
Hole in transmission, engine LeKaputt.

Definitely something you SHOULD water.

But our new car is big enough for 4 people AND their luggage.

PS: It has air conditioning!

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