Saturday, November 10, 2012

Either our timing was really good...

...or really bad! Regardless, we will know in about two weeks. We will see if I am patient enough to actually wait until the 23rd to take a test, or if I take one before I fly back to the states for Thanksgiving on the 21st. If we wait, I will have to take the test on Skype with Broom, which would certainly be very cute.

So, yesterday we woke up and went and picked up my sick note from the local gyno before I drove Broom to an interview and waited for her to get done. The interview went well and we were able to start our approx. 2 hour drive (unfortunately right past the exit where I work, so NO stress there, haha) to the clinic for our appointment at 13:30. We got there an hour and half early and took a half an hour power nap in the car, wrapped up in blankets I have there for emergencies. We were both completely out cold! We walked into the clinic the required 30 minutes early and had to wait until about 14:00 to actually get into the treatment room. I had been having ovulation pain all morning, so I was surprised that my egg was still there, but it was! (The ultrasound for that costs €30 more than at my gyno, which was unfortunately not a surprise.)

Our Dr. (the first insem we have actually had him for, the other times it was someone else) said it was no problem for Broom to push the plunger and that his appointment calendar was such that we could also stay in the room with me tilted back for 15 minutes. We lied when they asked if we did the shot, and then he told me to do two more to assist implantation, but neglected to ask if we needed a prescription, so we didn't tell him we only have one shot at home, which we aren't going to use. So, completely natural this cycle!

Now, I am sitting here drinking my after-ovulation tea, trying not to read too much into my temp this morning, as I think my thermometer is broken. My temp had dropped, according to my first reading, but after seeing that, I put 2 thermometers in my mouth at the same time and got really different readings (don't you have a thermometer collection, too?). Anywho, I can't change anything now if I wanted to, and I still feel good about this month. I am curious to see if I can resist taking an OPK test today, but I didn't take one yesterday and my first positive was on Thursday at 14:30, which would have been perfect.

Now, on to the waiting!

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  1. Fingers crossed for you this cycle! <3 I'm excited to be following along on this journey.