Thursday, November 8, 2012

The art of taking ovulation tests at work

I have become an expert this week! Yay me!
With my cheap tests that I bought online (which have worked no problem), I have peed in plastic cups in the bathroom at work where I thought I would not be disturbed. Then, I placed the test in the liquid before carefully putting the test back on its packaging either on the TP dispenser or the floor. Afterwards, I emptied the cup and threw it away before putting the test it put back in its packaging and either putting it carefully in my pocket or carefully under my bra strap.

Option two, which I have never tried (to not look like the weirdo who doesn't go to the bathroom without a plastic cup in hand) is cupping your hand and peeing in that before following the other steps (tip: use your dry hand to put the test down and get TP to dry off your wet hand). Don't ask me how I know, but at least my commitment cannot be called into question!

So, my constant OPK testing has paid off! After a bunch of light lines, I finally got a nice bright positive this afternoon. Alll without any meds!

This morning, my gyno said that I had "textbook" cervical mucous (this is the same doctor who told me I look like I had lost a bunch of weight since my breasts are so big, so she is great with awkward compliments) and measured a follicle on my right side with 20mm and a cushy endometrium! After the great news, I called the clinic who waited 3 hours to call back and give me an appointment. They told me to use an hCG shot right away and come in tomorrow morning. Ah, no thank you, I'm at work and obviously my body is doing it's own thing without any chemicals. Since the shot usually triggers ovulation 36 hours after injection, it would be a waste anyway, and all signs point to ovulation tomorrow- so no way, José. I told the nurse (since the Dr. has only once called me himself), who seemed flabbergasted- but then again, it is my body. So there. Hopefully the Dr. won't be upset, but he can deal with it.

Keep your fingers crossed tomorrow! I feel a little bad missing important meetings at work, but getting pregnant is more important than that to me (and my local gyno offered to give me a sick note so that mine isn't from the clinic, which is in another city and might raise some questions- really sweet of her).

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