Saturday, November 17, 2012

Only a little more waiting

...and we will know if it worked!

I have done a good job of being distracted, especially since work has been really busy.
The only thing that has been foiling my plans are the "signs" that I have been having (since we will only know later if they are actually signs or not).
They include: tender breasts (and one evening nipples of fire, OMFG, that woke me up), pulling in my uterus- every single day, mood swings, exhaustion, and peeing lots and lots among other things that are also PMS signs. So, I am trying to take it all with a grain block of salt. Additionally, I had a temperature drop and spike, which has stayed up today, and we will see what tomorrow brings.
Other than trying not to lose my mind- which I think Broom would confirm has been hit or miss depending on my current mood swing, I have been having a good week. Glad to be busy, but I will also be glad to know soon. We will test on Wednesday at the latest, maybe Tuesday if I can't stand it anymore and my temperature is still up.

Other than all of the waiting, work has at least provided me with some comic relief in the form of an employee from a personnel search company who kept on going on and on about someone he had that was perfect for HR. Even after we told him that we don't have a vacancy and don't know anyone who does, (Hello? Even if my sweater shows my belly a bit, don't assume anything here, it just makes you look like an ass because I was bloated during the meeting, mkay? And just because someone has a belly in Germany does not automatically mean that they are pregnant!), he sent us her profile summary. If that were not enough, he sent us the link to the website that he has for his bird breeding- which he spoke about in detail while there to talk about the company that he works for. He asked us to evaluate his website. Very professional!

Keep those fingers crossed and those thumbs pressed!

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