Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A flood of emotions

So, the long-awaited day has come!

Excitingly, we have one, really perfect Shrimpy! The baby measured perfect for 8w1d and we could see the heartbeat :) I got blood drawn and she did a breast and manual examinations and we got our first pictures.

What a sigh of relief to know that things are developing as they should! I couldn't help but get teary, it was such an awesome view, to see Shrimpy for the first time while holding Broom's hand. We got our open questions answered and are due on January 14th, 2014. Our next appointment is right before I go to the US for business and vacation, so that is perfect, too.

On a more sober note, we are still waiting on the worst of the flooding here and are hoping that everyone and as much of their possessions as possible are spared. When I see the news, I just want to cry when I see the level of destruction, but am glad that the number of fatalities hasn't risen and am glad to see how many people have been volunteering.

Stay safe!

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