Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trusting your instincts can be hard

I had my appointment on Wednesday, which was great because my boss was off and I didn't have to come up with an excuse about why I had to leave at noon. Got our normal Dr., which was ok, I guess.

He did say "Didn't you send me an email? We can go over your questions now." but then didn't go over any of the actual questions since he didn't have our "come to Jesus"/"we feel like cash cows, PLEASE look at my charts!" email open anyways. I told him I needed to talk to him with my wife present in any case, as they are OUR questions, not just mine.

After he asked me how I was doing- I said good- frustrated, but good. He then went on to tell me that since this is our 6th cycle (I figured there was no point in telling him that we don't count the 1st 2 due to my thyroid...since he is SO good at listening.) that if it doesn't work, that the next one should be IVF. I let him know that I would have to talk about it with my wife and that I needed a price overview (3x what we have been paying- without sperm! No surprise there!). I don't know how I feel about IVF. We would have to sit out like 3-4 cycles in order to afford it and on one hand, sure- I am tired of these lower success rates- but on the other hand, I don't feel ready. Maybe after 2 more tries, if it is needed. We will see what the next two weeks bring.

The insem itself was uneventful, although this time he did an ultrasound after the insem- without turning the screen towards me, so I had to strain to see. I had a perfect 17mm follicle, so BOOYAH! I asked to stay tilted in the chair, and he let me stay seated for a bit (but not tilted) so I just put an instead cup in and got dressed.

Still not 100% sure when I ovulated (if it was Wednesday or Thursday), since my temperature went up some on Friday, but not a lot. I had fertile CM for almost a week and + OPKs on Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by negatives, so it wasn't exactly easy to read.

In summary, I feel good, but as always, there is no way of telling. Enjoying the long Easter weekend and the fact that we didn't have to sit out this cycle while trying to keep my hope at a healthy level.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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